Task 1 – Photo

In my seminar that took place on Monday by Mik Parsons we were given the task to create a photo collage of shapes that looked like letters from the alphabet. From a Photographer’s point of view I needed to develop a view of the world which involved a sensitivity to pattern, texture, colour, shape and form. Using a DSLR camera and a Macro Lens, I was able to open my mind in the ‘Photographer’s eye’ and get close up, naturally-occuring shapes which could be photographically framed as letters from the alphabet.

As part of my historical research on the subject of concept and ideation I first decided to look at some of the photograms developed by Maholy Nagy.


I chose these specific photographs created by the famous photographer because each one is unique in their own way. To begin, the top left shows great depth with the lighting effect of the shadow displayed. It also emphasises the way the light hits the top of the straw.

The top right displays the quality and precision of the bauhaus movement created by the photographer. The use of diagonal lines give the photograph the feel of equality on both the top and bottom of the photograph.

The bottom left is the photographer himself, as you can see, he has used the ‘rule of thirds’ to really capture the way we look at his face and his hand. It also shows the contrast between the depth of field between his hand and his face; we can see that the camera has been set to focus on his face but we can’t stop to look at his hand which really gives the photograph a sense of emotion.

The forth photograph gives us a sense of mass and perspective with the building. With the figure dangling from the top of the building it gives us that sense of immortality. The use of the building is also in the style of the bauhaus movement, where rigid shapes were used to display objects and buildings.

After I had done my research, I decided to go on my journey around the Bournemouth area with a good friend, Mark Lucas to take these photographs. It was important to set a visual theme within my work so I decided to go for a ‘metal’ theme which consisted of materials made of aluminium, steel,  iron and other elements.

Once we had all the photographs, we then went back to the our flats to scale and combine the photographs down in Photoshop into a single displayed A3 size poster. None of the photographs were changed in any way other than scaling them down into a viewable size.alphabet.fw

As you can see the outcome I used a selection of shots to demonstrate my creative understanding of form, line, texture and colour. I also emphasised the context of the shot in each photograph using the ‘rule of thirds’, by aligning a concept with the guide lines and their intersection points on my DSLR viewpoint, placing the horizon on the top or bottom line, or allowing linear types in the images to flow from division to division.

I also used colour contrast and texture shots as you can see in some of the letters. I think the outcome of this task has been very successful and has opened my mind in what we can really do when we think about the visual objects that surround us.