Introduction to Processing

On last Thursdays lecture, my seminar tutor, Kyle introduced us to the programming language of Processing; this was a  language specifically built for the artists of the computer world. Upon launching the application on my iMac I felt confident that this was going to be an exciting time for me and my peers.

As the seminar begun, Kyle guided us through the application and how computer programs are just a set of instructions carried out by an output. The IDE (Integrated Development Environment) seemed very simple to use and get along with (compared to other such as Xcode).


Once we got around the application and how it worked he then went through some very basic programming with us. For example, he showed us how to set a background, draw a rectangle, an eclipse and so forth.

Once we got used to these methods of instructions we then began to use if statements to see if something was true or false. Using integers (whole numbers) we were able to give our own little program some instructions to follow. In my example, I was able to write out a block of code to make the program write and draw the eclipse shape on the pin point location of where the mouse was every time the mouse moved in X and Y direction.

Overall, the application seems very user friendly to someone who hasn’t had a lot of programming experience before. And what make it more exciting is that its made for the visual arts.


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