Task 3 – Animation

From Mik’s seminar session in the computer labs I was introduced to the idea of the ‘Zoetrope’. Using pencil and paper I was required to create 12 framed sketch that looped using the ‘CYCLE’ theme. From that, we used a modern Zoetrope instrument to test our animations and over time I was able to correct my flow of movement. From the 12 framed animation I was required to scan them in and convert them into a digital format where I could import them into Photoshop or Fireworks. From that, I then created a stage where each frame was inserted. After all of the stages and images were aligned accordingly I exported the file in an animated GIF format. Here is my example of a bouncing ball:


After I had created this interesting piece of hand drawn animation I then moved onto creating my own ‘stop-motion’ animation. Again using the CYCLE as a theme to develop my idea: