2D Bouncing Ball Animation

In this post I simply wanted to experiment with the concepts of animated GIFs using digital graphics. Below are some examples I have created using the software of Fireworks.


These two bouncing balls were created to explore the effects of the squash and pull effects of gravity. Both are using the same shapes, it’s just that the one above is using more frames to give it a more realistic and heavy effect.


To get this effect of a ball bouncing I used some referencing from an image I found on Google™: graphFrom creating a 2D effect using simple software such as Fireworks, I wanted to go in further depth with concept of gravity. So using an industry standard type of software known as AutoDesk Maya I developed an animation that compares two balls that bounce differently from their weights. Below is the video I have submitted on Vimeo™:

Sprite Sheet:MC1

This animation above, was created using a sprite sheet that can be found on Google™ images. A sprite sheet is simply a large image displaying all the different movements an object or character do through an animated sequence. I chose an iconic character, Master Chief from the Halo franchise. Below is the strip I used from the sprite sheet to create this very short GIF animation developed in Adobe Fireworks.spriteSheet