Green Screen

In this weeks seminar, my tutor taught us how to create a video in Adobe After effects using the ‘green screen’ method. This method includes a green or blue background where a person (or people and objects) are placed accordingly. The subject(s) are able to move in real time when the camcorder is recording the footage with the background in place. Once the footage had been captured it was placed within Adobe After Effects in the main composition. Using the ‘Effects’ tab, I was then told to go to ‘Keying’ drop down and select ‘Keylight 1.2’. Using this effect I was able to identify the green background where it would not be seen within the preview screen. From there I then simply added a solid background. Using a large image of an old television from Google™ images, I placed it within the composition and ‘cut out’ the screen using the ‘pen tool’ and inverting the mask to make sure the Television was viewable and not the screen area, because this is where I was going to be seen. Once this was done I then adjusted the background of my video to look like noise you would see on old TV sets. From there, I then adjusted the effect of the video by blending it in with the noise effect.