Task 4 – Kinect Typography

In this weeks task after learning the basics of motion graphics in my seminar we were set a task to create a 20 second long (or more) video showing the possibilities of digital media in both animation and graphic design. Using my knowledge I have created a Kinect typography where elements of text are animated and animate to audio. To accompany and enhance my task I extracted some audio from the classic film of Spiderman, published by Sony Films back in 2002.

Upon choosing this clip I found it to be very rich in expressing two characters which are very opposite to one another. I used this soundtrack because I could tell from the audience that there was in fact two different sides to one person. I used the colours of black and white because it expressed these feeling of opposite attraction. The use of font for the ‘dark’ character was the ‘Chalkduster’ font, which gave it that visual look of corruption, mess and scratch like effect. As you can see from the video I have created I also used the type font for the ‘good’ guy to be quite simple and small with the size; by doing so, I hope to have created the effect of innocence and scarce towards the dark character. The use of position of each paragraph spoken by the actor was important too, as I wanted to really capture the audience’s attention of how the words may look like.

Below, is the original footage from the critically acclaimed film. You can really see how this scene can have effect on the audience with the split personality-like character.