3D Computer-Generated Animation

In this post I wanted to expand my experience with animation using 3D software. Below are some past projects I did that explored the concepts of physics.

To begin, I wanted to explore the physics of gravity so I did my first 3D animation on two bouncing balls that have different weight properties. Below is a video I took with two bouncing balls, as you can see, they both have different weight properties.

The video below is the animation I produced with the two bouncing balls in reference to the video above.

My next animation was more complex as it involved movement; I used the video below to reference my next piece. I used this secondary source because it showed a lot of movement in the physics realm.

Below is the finished product I made to the video referenced above. To be honest this task was hard as it needed a lot of key frames to get the movement right. Even so, the movement within the animation isn’t great and needs improvement.

Below is another reference to an animation I did in AutoDesk Maya, check it out:

Again, using the video above I was able to observe it and capture the key movements within the clip. With the final product I do feel I did a good job with the flow of movement.