Water Cycle Sketch Ideas

From looking at some of my previous images I have gathered from the web, I decided to practice the illustration of my Info graph using A4 paper and pencil. Below, is the first sketch I did on my work which shows the basics of a mountain landscape and an ocean taking up much of the space of the canvas. I also decided to imagine my own type of water-powered machine- the ones used to generate electricity for homes:

The drawing below was again created on A4 paper using a pencil. As you can clearly see, there is a set theme within the piece of work with it’s unique flow of wind and the clouds; the mountains also carry this feeling too. I do like where this drawing is going, and how it may develop in the future. But one thing keep bothering me is that everything hits the edges of the canvas, so  there is no focus on one specific element.

The sketch below was created to test how one would draw the mountains within the poster. It was also used to understand the concepts of how the land may be perceived by the viewer’s eye. Using previous ideas gathered, specifically the one where the world was seen as focus ponders in my mind for further development.