Water Cycle – Vector Graphics Sketches

In this post, I have started to use Adobe Illustrator to develop my skills and understanding on developing the infrograph on how the water cycle works. Below is the first creating I developed using Adobe Illustrator; as we can see I have developed it to show the space I may be able to use when developing the visual element. The colours are solid, so it does look flat but we can seethere is a depth of field from the landscape.


After a few more hours of tinkering with the utilities in Adobe After effects I did manage to create a more interesting piece. As one can see that the uniqueness of the cloud and mountains have been linked to my research findings in the ‘element research post’. Again, although this felt like a good beginning to the task, I did feel like it wasn’t focused enough with the core elements (Sun, land, clouds, hills and the ocean) hitting the sides. I felt that the core elements of the poster could be more focused into the middle of the canvas.

The example below, again created in Adobe Illustrator, has been re-designed to fit around this ‘world-focused’ concept. This design concept was influenced from the British Gas Animation shown in my previous blog ‘Infographics Task’. I like this design a lot as the view point of the poster is within the centre of the canvas. To develop this idea further I could use linear shades to add a sense of depth on each of the elements; this may create a sense of a three dimension.

Here are some examples I have gathered from the web that influenced my poster development: