Web Blogs – Research and Planning

In this post I will be simply discussions the importance of a web blog system that I have setup and must follow throughout my research and planning.

To begin, it’s important that people reading my blog posts are able to view my content without too much information; it’s not an essay and nobody will read an essay on a weblog!

In my blog posts it is important to use bullet points when small chunks of information are being displayed.

Imagery (sketches, photographs, diagrams etc) should be used in posts to help communicate to the reader exactly what I am trying to portray.

Images that I post must be large enough to see- and the image should be able to be clicked on where a new tab is made in the browser where the full resolution is available.

All images should be annotated and referenced.

Materials such as sketches are scanned and not photographed, otherwise the outcome will be poor.

Screenshots on my Macbook are taken using the ‘shift-cmd-3’ keys. ‘shift-cmd-4’ can be used to take a customisable screenshot of a window area using a click, ‘hold and drag method’.  ‘shift-cm-4 space’ can be used to take a screen shot of separate windows that are being displayed on the screen.

Categories are used as ‘sections’ (or pages) within my weblog. For example each unit on my web blog is a category. For example I have:

  • ALL Posts
  • Animation
  • Collaboration
  • Graphic Design
  • Motion Graphics
  • Photography
  • Programming
  • Web Development and Design

It is important though, not to have too many categories.

Tags are used for thematic content that may run across categories/sections. For example, ‘research, planning, internet’ etc.

Video and sound as research is included that can be embedded into my posts from other sources such as Youtube, Vimeo, Flickr and so forth.

I have a system to format the size of my images on my posts which is always 1000 pixels wide. The height of the imagery does not matter as it still fits the page nicely.

My blog should have posts that are regularly provided to my viewers.

The purpose of my research is that it happens before I have an idea or solution which then allows me to plan. It makes me me aware of these following things:

  • Other peoples problems and solutions
  • Issues that I might encounter during my research
  • Styles or an execution that I may use
  • Techniques that can be employed

The purpose of planning is that it allows me to:

  • Put my research into action
  • Test solutions
  • Test styles
  • Test techniques
  • Solve issues
  • Be efficient with my time

And of course, my blog should be able to look attractive to others in a way that I can market myself to employers and people who are interested in what I am trying to achieve so it is important that I create some hype around my work.


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