Starting the project- the idea

For the new assignment of ‘Design for Digital Media Environments’ we have all been allocated our groups for the collaboration project. I have been teamed up with two other people, Seb Faull and Emily Woods. To start such a project we decided to meet up on Monday 16th February to discuss our ideas on the assignment. If you would like a recap on the assignment brief you can find it by clicking here. 

Anyway, as we met up things started off well; we discussed our ideas and finalised that we will be making a recipe-based, social web app. The idea behind this project is to create something where users are able to view and add recipes to a website.

Heres a breakdown of our idea:

The web app must be responsive so it can be viewed on multiple devices including:

  • Smartphones
  • Phablets
  • Tablets
  • Laptops
  • Desktops
  • Televisions

The web app will be broken down into members and non-members:

  • Non-members will be able to read-only recipes and will not be able to comment, share or like on the recipes
  • Members will be able to read and write recipes with their own unique login details (username and password)
  • Members will be able to comment, like and share other people’s recipes

The Recipes will be made up of these things:

  • Recipe title
  • Description
  • Method/instructions on how to make the final product
  • Ingredients

The homepage will consist of a live view of recipes being submitted to the web app.

  • The recipes will be displayed as ‘cards’ where only the thumbnail image, description, like, comments, difficulty level and the time it takes to make the product will be displayed.
  • The home page will include buttons where the user is able to navigate to the different sections available.
  • These will include: All Recipes, Starters, Main, Desserts, Drinks and a help button
  • There will also be a banner where the logo will be displayed along with a slogan
  • Within the banner there will be three buttons that will include:
  • About us (the team), Blog, Sign Up.
  • There will also be space within the banner where other social media links will be available such as:
  • Twitter, Facebook and Email

When the user (member/non-member) clicks on a recipe ‘card’ they will be directed to a new page where the method/instructions will be displayed along with the ingredients.

  • There will be a comment section for members to comment on the recipe
  • Members will also be able to ‘like’ the recipe
  • If non-members try and comment or ‘like’ a recipe they will be redirected to the register/login page

The register/login page will display the benefits of being a member and will compare the two different levels.


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