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Food – Recipes (no date) BBC Food.

Available at: (Accessed: 24 March 2015).

In this post I will be developing my research into the recipe-based websites that already exist on the world wide web. It is important in this post that I reflect my personal views of each product that will include views on the design, the navigation of the web apps and the responsiveness of each one.

To begin, I have chosen a well-known recipe based web app located on BBC ‘s website; the BBC’s version of a recipe web app looks well structured with a relevant navigation system that allows the user to navigate to a specific category in just a few clicks. They have also included a search bar, similar to a search engine that allows the user to search for recipes.

When I click on a recipe I am presented with a structure where I am able to view a video where someone is making the recipe step by step. This is good and probably better than using photos as the person in the video is able to speak to the user step by step.

On a recipe page I am also able to see other elements such as a heading for the ingredients listed below and another heading for the preparation techniques. Both of these look clean and concise with the use of the bullet point method.

I have also found out that a user is able to sign and login to the BBC FOOD Recipe website where a user is able to share a recipe, add it to their favourites and even recommended it to other users. I can see that the developers of this web app have implemented heavily into the social platform, both within their own creation but also exported onto other major platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

In terms of the responsiveness design of the website it doesn’t react at all when the browser width is shrunk in size. Therefor the web application will not be able to be viewed on smaller devices such as smartphones and tablets without the user having to ‘pinch to zoom’ to access the content they desire. In such a time where the smartphone and tablet market is booming, this is a bad design by the BBC. But they may argue that they have released an app of their FOOD recipe’s website on platforms such as iOS and Android.

This is the home page for the BBC recipe website, over all it’s eye catching in terms of the images that are used and where they are placed, with quite a plain off white/pale green background, matching the Asparagus.  The food is colourful and eye catching to the user. I do like the way that when you rollover an image in the main area there is a small slide animation- I presume the developers has used some sort of JavaScript code to implement this.


All the writing on this page uses the font Helvetica Neue. It’s just the size that differs from the header being bigger than the actual recipe content, which is smaller as it does not need as much as attention being drawn to it.

On the recipe page all the images of the finished recipes, all the images are set to the same size with three across and 5 down, which works well because cooking you would rather see the finished product than just read it, once clicked that’s when all the writing becomes apparent and therefore useful.

This webpage is linked to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Once clicked it will take you to the each social media page to like/follow. This is to get personal with the user, once you like or follow the page, it will pop up on the users personal social media, constantly reminding them and giving new recipe ideas with the other social media platforms.

There’s a “Quick recipe finder” bar, at the top of the website, which has logged recipes in it as when I go to type something in for example: “Chicken” will bring up different recipe suggestions that involve chicken, so if you knew you wanted/had chicken, it can then give you ideas or inspiration for a meal that you wish to prepare.


Below is part of the user-friendly aspect, it gives users an estimation of the time it takes to prepare the recipe, cooking time and how many people it serves, then the user can find recipes to suit the amount of people you are catering for, if it differs the user can then change it. This is a great way to display information in short snippets.


Once clicked it brings up a photo of the finished recipe, ingredients and then how to actually make the recipe itself. Giving you step by step instructions of how to make it, at the very bottom of the preparation method it gives you a tab to click on called “Required techniques”. In the case of chicken soup and dumplings, it drops down a menu of all the techniques that might be required. For this example it tells you how to chop an onion, it gives you a video and then step by step instructions


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