Yumi – Recipe based web app

We decided that the web app should be based on a food recipe structure; the user will be able to read recipes as ‘recipe cards’ on the home page of the web app. These ‘recipe cards’ will display shorts snippets of information that is eye catching to the user. The ‘recipe cards’ will include things like an image thumbnail of the finished product, a short description of the recipe and maybe other things like the difficulty level of the recipe, how long it takes to make and if things work out successful we may implement some social features such as how many likes the recipe has and how many comments have been made.

The navigation system of the web app will be broken down into different categories that will include things like recipes for starters, recipes for main, desserts and so forth. It is important that the user is able to get to their chosen content under 3 clicks.

When the user clicks on these ‘recipe cards’ they will be directed to another web page where they will be able to view more information about the specific recipe such as more images, ingredients, directions, other people’s comments and so forth.

There will be a system where the user is able to write new recipes to the web app using a register and login system. The new recipes will be posted at the top of the home page but can be categorised using the navigation system.

Now that we have a base for our idea it is important that we carry out research to see what already exists on the market. In my next post I will be taking this step..


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