Meet The Team Web Page

The first task that we had to do as a group in this unit was to create a ‘Meet the Team’ page on our web application.  Seb Faull started to work on the visual design of the page using Adobe Illustrator in a wireframe format so we could quickly adjust something if it needed be. Here is what the wireframe looks like:


Now with this wireframe in mind we discussed the importance of responsive design. So we thought, what would our ‘About Us’ page look like on a tablet or a smartphone? After a fe initial ideas Seb came up with this design for mobile and tablet for the ‘About Us’ page:


Now that Seb had created the initial design wireframes for the ‘About Us’ page I decided to take it a step further by developing a final design of the ‘About Us’ page using colours, graphics and images. The logo is an early version of the web app. Here they are:


And the mobile version:


As the project proceeds we analysed that it would be a good idea to comment our coding as we went along so that we don’t get confused by each other’s lines of code. Between us, we suggested that we stamped each comment with an initial so that we knew who has commented, for example:

  • <!– E: Elliot’s HTML comment –>
  • /* E: Elliot’s comment */
  • // E: Elliot’s PHP comment
  • // E: Elliot’s Javascript comment

The final result of our ‘Meet The Team’ page looks like this:


As you can see, it is responsive:



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