Simply Recipes

Elise (2015) Simply Recipes Food and Cooking Blog. Simply Recipes.

Available at: (Accessed: 04 April 2015).

This website from first impressions looks like it is target at a slightly older age range,  the style makes this noticeable, an off white colour, with very simple colours: browns, oranges and dark yellows. As a website is it responsive as when the screen is enlarged, all the images, side bars and text content is all spread out evenly, however when the screen is taken down to a smaller scale, it will get so far and the side bar with suggestions will disappears and also the adverts promoting the website will also disappear, but all the other images such as the main image and also the images underneath with a the finished recipe on will all shrink to match the size of the screen by, pushing the images tightly together so all the important content will be displayed.

Briefly mentioned earlier that style is simple which is what I have found about all of the websites so far, they all have a high level of simplicity to them, maybe to portray how easy it is to make these meals they offer you. All the text is coloured brown, size 14, font Times.

Once you have clicked the website it will give you 1-2 paragraphs about the background of the recipe for those who are interested. Then below are the ingredients. Then below that is displayed the method of making the recipe, followed my images that show you how it should look, this is used for those who are more visually aided when it comes to learning or following instructions.

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 17.31.10

All the images on this website are the same size even when the screen size is being tampered with, they all remain the same size except or the main image at the top which is bigger to attract attention to new users.

User friendly- This website has a button on the screen saying ‘Never miss a recipe’  and once clicked you can add your email so it updates you on all the new recipes that get uploaded on to the webpage, so if you really are a cooking fan this website ha it’s advantages.

This website has social media links at the side of the webpage such as: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Google plus. Again like all the other websites, this is very common as it is a way for the website to be interactive with it’s users, the more you comment on something or like it, it can track what you like most then tailor certain recipes to what it thinks you like, which makes you potentially use the website more often and gain user trust with the site and making it more popular.


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