Logo Development

To create such an app, we want to make sure that the functioning website has a certain style towards a specific audience. Our target audience is set for a diverse range of different people, but at a level of maturity of 18+. We want to give off a sense of a professional and well-built infrastructure to the audience so it is important that we use the correct font styles in our web app. But before we do that, we decided to come up with some ideas of what the logo might look like.

We know that the web application will be called ‘Yumi’, but that’s it. No sense of colour, font type, logo, slogan or nothing. But below I have come up with some early design concepts that may make it into the final product. Here they are:


Seb has also designed to logos for the web application, you can check them out here. 

In the end, we decided to choose version 5 from the graphic above as the font gave off a sense flow through the title. The icon for the logo can be seen with the ‘y’ and it’s a quick way to identify the brand. We also kept the slogan nice and simple- being obvious to the user.


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