‘Meet The Team’ web page

Now that we have the ‘Meet the Team’ web page created I’d like to discuss how the final product was created. To begin, the page was created using the technologies of HTML, CSS and some bits of Javascript.

All the code in this project was written using the popular IDE ‘Brackets’ developed by Adobe. To begin, it was important that I started coding in HTML so that I had created a structure of content; this included things like headings, sub heading, paragraphs and images. Lets looks at the code and break it down:

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 16.14.03

Now that we have come to the end of the code it’s good to explain what these divs are. These divs are elements that are linked to the Cascade Style Sheet (CSS). The class within each div allows me to use the block of CSS code more than once; compared to an id which only lets me use the element once because it is unique to the content in the HTML file. The CSS file allows the developer to style the HTML content, such as font types, thickness, position of elements, scales, transparencies and other things that may relate to how one may want to visualise their content.



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