About me.

I am a young, undergraduate student with a passion for media, design and technology which has surrounded me all my life. I have been passionate for the digital age ever since I was a child; I grew up playing video games on the Playstation and on the GameBoy consoles. I was considered a ‘geek’ for being so immersed with technology, video games and the media we find on the web. When broadband came along in the early 2000s I was blown away from the opportunities this new medium held. Since then, we have seen an explosion in new ways of communication and exploiting media to the masses. This has had a major impact on my life, and I’m sure it has with you too. Some may agree that this is a huge benefit to the human race, whilst others may disagree because people are spending more times on these new mediums.

I have grown up with these new mediums and I have seen how they have changed so many lives, for better and for worse. The internet, isn’t just for major cooperations, or large businesses, it’s for individuals like you and I, to share our ideas with each other. We have the tools to send our message out for everyone to see. I think we have just hit the brink of a new revolution in media, and where it is going makes me tingle inside. There is no limit to what our imaginations hold, and together we can create something beautiful.

I want to take this opportunity and expand my knowledge and skills in the digital world of media. As time goes by, you and I will see how the digital world around us is changing.