Final Conclusion

With the development of the web app I’d like to discuss how I felt about the final product; in an overall stance I am very happy with the overall outcome- it’s been a ride where I, and my partner, Seb Faull have come across multiple challenges that include subjects that have struck us independently but […]

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Web App Visual File Structure

Now that we have a final product, I thought of illustrating the file structure of the web app so you could get a better visual understanding on how the application functions. Below is a graphic I have put together that shows exactly what each page (highlighted in grey) is pulling in from other files:

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Creating a register page

So far, our web application can submit data to the database and display it on the home page. The users can log in but only if it has been setup in the database in the first place. In this post, I will be explaining how the ‘register’ page was created using the php form method: Now that […]

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Displaying recipe information

We have the template, login system, a place where the logged in user can submit a recipe, but we are unable to click on one of these ‘recipe cards’ to see more information about it; things like ingredients and directions on how to make the final product. In this post I will be discussing how […]

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