Task 2 – Temporal Expressions

From my last seminar with Mik Parsons me and my fellow student members were given the task of taking photographs with temporal expressions. Using the concept of Photography I have reflected the task using subject of ‘space and time’ expression within art history. My first task I wanted to explore was looking at some of […]

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Task 1 – Photo

In my seminar that took place on Monday by Mik Parsons we were given the task to create a photo collage of shapes that looked like letters from the alphabet. From a Photographer’s point of view I needed to develop a view of the world which involved a sensitivity to pattern, texture, colour, shape and […]

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The beginning of Photoshop.

In my first workshop lesson, I was given the opportunity in editing some photographs using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Bridge and Camera Raw. From this seminar (taught by Kyle who is a graduate of the course) I learnt how to edit the colours of some photographs given to me by Kyle. This was done using the Camera Raw […]

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