3D Computer-Generated Animation

In this post I wanted to expand my experience with animation using 3D software. Below are some past projects I did that explored the concepts of physics. To begin, I wanted to explore the physics of gravity so I did my first 3D animation on two bouncing balls that have different weight properties. Below is […]

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Animation Continued

In this seminar which was taken a few weeks ago, Simon Perkins spoke to the class about the possibilities of animation in terms of the Bauhaus movement… Josef Albers Josef Muller-Brockmann El Lissitzky Geometry of Motion Hans Richter  Russian Constructivism 

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2D Bouncing Ball Animation

In this post I simply wanted to experiment with the concepts of animated GIFs using digital graphics. Below are some examples I have created using the software of Fireworks. These two bouncing balls were created to explore the effects of the squash and pull effects of gravity. Both are using the same shapes, it’s just […]

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Task 3 – Animation

From Mik’s seminar session in the computer labs I was introduced to the idea of the ‘Zoetrope’. Using pencil and paper I was required to create 12 framed sketch that looped using the ‘CYCLE’ theme. From that, we used a modern Zoetrope instrument to test our animations and over time I was able to correct my […]

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Introduction to Animation

So I have just had a seminar with my tutor, Mik Parsons on the introduction to animation. The subject of animation dates back way into the 1645 when the magic lantern was invented. In 1824, Peter Mark Roget, an examiner of physiology explained his theory of the ‘persistence of vision’. In his theory, he explains […]

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