Water Cycle Process

In this post I have inserted the stages of my A2 poster to a finish product. With each poster being displayed on this post the viewer will see the difference between each one. Version 1 As we can see below is my first A2 draft on the water cycle poster. I have used this flat […]

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Water Cycle Sketch Ideas

From looking at some of my previous images I have gathered from the web, I decided to practice the illustration of my Info graph using A4 paper and pencil. Below, is the first sketch I did on my work which shows the basics of a mountain landscape and an ocean taking up much of the […]

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Water Cycle Mind Map

In this post, I have used an application on my Macbook known as SimpleMind. This application allows me mind-map my thoughts on what a Water Cycle should consist of. Without even thinking about the examples from my last post I thought of what a Water Cycle SHOULD consist of. Below is the mind-map and as […]

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Infographics Task

In this new category I have created on my blog, I have been set a assignment by my course; I am going to be exploring how one can use graphic design to communicate visually¬†to an audience. In this task I have been given I need to discuss my ideas and explore the possibilities of creating […]

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