More Particle Effects

In this seminar taught by Izzy I was required to experiment with the concepts of the particle system with patterns that would rotate within the middle of the composition. To begin, I launched Adobe Photoshop so that I could create some form of pattern to work with in Adobe After Effects. Using the shape tool […]

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Snow Particles Effect

In this workshop I was taught how to create a snowing effect on a moving photograph. I was taught how to use 3D space using the camera on the canvas of my project. To begin, I needed to import an image from Google that displayed an environment that had views of snow. I then created […]

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Task 4 – Kinect Typography

In this weeks task after learning the basics of motion graphics in my seminar we were set a task to create a 20 second long (or more) video showing the possibilities of digital media in both animation and graphic design. Using my knowledge I have created a Kinect typography where elements of text are animated […]

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Green Screen

In this weeks seminar, my tutor taught us how to create a video in Adobe After effects using the ‘green screen’ method. This method includes a green or blue background where a┬áperson (or people and objects) are placed accordingly. The subject(s) are able to move in real time when the camcorder is recording the footage […]

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Introduction to Adobe After Effects

In this weeks workshops I was introduced to the popular motion graphics software known as ‘Adobe After Effects’. This software allows the developer(s) to create special effects using animation, graphics, typography and special filters. The software can be used for multiple concept ideas and really has an effect on videographics. In this weeks post, I […]

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