Processing – Arrays

During this seminar which took place in the computer labs we were taught the basics of arrays used in programming. From what I have learned, an array is a systematic list of numbers which are in order which can only include integers including decimals. Using this type to list data, I was asked to create a simple […]

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Processing – Loop & While

Within this seminar, we recapped on what we had learned from last weeks lab session briefly. Upon this, we moved onto more complex programming where we could use loop and while functions to create a more interactive and changing visual programme. As the computer lab session progressed we were given the task to create a visual programme where […]

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Introduction to Processing

On last Thursdays lecture, my seminar tutor, Kyle introduced us to the programming language of Processing; this was a  language specifically built for the artists of the computer world. Upon launching the application on my iMac I felt confident that this was going to be an exciting time for me and my peers. As the […]

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